Why drive away prosperity …

image credit: Royanne Offbrowne CC BY-SA 2.0

Why drive away prosperity with taxes on sales, services, jobs, earnings, profits, or buildings….

…When land value taxation (LVT–also known as site value taxation, graded taxation, or other names in certain parts of the world) could provide your community needed revenue without discouraging productive work?

For our quick outline of LVT, proceed to this link.

Attendees who visited our booth at the 2023 NCSL Conference may have picked up some of these documents (as pdf’s):

More detailed and specific information is available from many sources, including the organizations linked below:

More links to specific papers and videos are here.

If you need further information, email us or use the comment form below. We will get back to you, or forward your query to someone who can assist.

— Public Revenue Education Council; Plainfield, IN, USA

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